You will find a very friendly and relaxed atmosphere at First Reformed Church of Cary. However, we do have our standards! One is to ensure that our worship service includes certain important elements that convey and reinforce our faith. That requires a certain amount of formality. Consequently, each Sunday morning's service has generally the same Order of Worship. However, elements of a service may be rearranged, shortened, even omitted, for special events, such as Reception of New Members, Christmas, Easter, Palm Sunday, etc., or especially for the Sacraments (Communion and Baptism).

In a series of four sermons in early 2009, our former Pastor Chuck Weisner described and analyzed our approach to worship. You can read those sermons here:
  1. God's Worthiness (Jan. 11)
  2. God's Word (Jan. 18)
  3. Baptism (Jan. 25)
  4. A Walkthrough (Feb 1)
The "Walkthrough" item is a "distributed sermon," in which Pastor Chuck discussed each section of the service as we progressed through it. Just prior to the first Ministry of Music, he asked Lonieta, our music director, to share her theology and practice of music. Her comments are available in the Addendum.

Examples of actual orders of worship may be found on the Bulletins page.

If any of the terms regarding our worship are unfamiliar to you, don't worry -- they were to us once, too. Feel free to contact us with any questions. Or just join us for a service and see how it goes.