Emergency Preparedness


At First Reformed Church of Cary, the safety and security of all persons who may be on site at any given time is of paramount importance. We know that we are all in God's hands, but we also know that He calls on us to help and protect each other. To that end, our Emergency Preparedness Committee (EPC) studies and determines ways we can prevent, prepare for and respond to any kind of emergency. This includes the handling of such immediate situations as

Also included in the EPC's responsibilities are ongoing, very important things, such as

As necessary, the EPC creates or modifies plans to

Some EPC members are nurses who may assist in the initial handling of a medical emergency. Other professionals among the membership have expressed their willingness to assist as well. Collectively, these people form our Emergency Response Team (ERT).

The committee also

  • Runs practice drills
  • Keeps other groups that use our facilities informed of the plans and processes, so as to facilitate their own safe response as well
  • Provides Medical Training Seminars and Pro-active Classes for the benefit of all members, visitors and immediate neighbors

Many of the concepts learned or developed by the committee can also be beneficial in our own homes, assisting in preparations there for handling fires, injuries, or medical situations.

You can help too: If you have applicable special skills you would be willing to share, or you observe any potential problems with regard to safety or security at our facilities, or you have thoughts or suggestions for this committee, please contact the EPC through the church office.