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Mailing Address:     First Reformed Church of Cary
P.O. Box 4373
Cary, N.C. 27519
Location Address:
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    First Reformed Church of Cary
110 Towerview Court
Cary, N.C.

Telephone:     (919)  469-0678
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E-mail:     info@caryreformedchurch.org

Bulletin Announcements:     Worship Bulletin Editor
Note: Send Sunday Bulletin notices
to the Editor before preceding Friday a.m.
(and after obtaining Consistory approval)
Weekly Reminder:     Weekly Reminder Email Editor

Web Site:     caryreformedchurch.org
Note: Send website announcements or articles directly to the webmaster if you would like them to appear in a timely fashion. The webmaster tries to read bulletins, newsletters and weekly reminders to decide which items are appropriate for the site, but this can result in delays or missed events.