Reformed Church in America


"Reformed?   [. . . puzzled look]

  .  .  .  Reformed from what?"

That's a question we get often!   Here's the answer:

First Reformed Church of Cary is a congregation of the Reformed Church in America(RCA), the oldest denomination in North America with a continuing ministry.

The RCA traces its roots to the Protestant Reformation which spread across Europe during the 16th century from which two schools of theology and church government emerged. We trace one back to the teachings of Martin Luther (from whom the Lutheran churches get their name). The other we trace back to the teachings of John Calvin who gave us Reformed theology, (which is where our name comes from), and Presbyterian government (which is where the Presbyterian churches get their name, although we, too, follow a generally Presbyterian form of church government).

The RCA has about 1,000 congregations in the USA and Canada with approximately 279,000 active members.  The first minister arrived from The Netherlands in 1628 to form the Marble Collegiate Protestant Dutch Reformed Church in New York City. This church, still active today, was served for over 50 years by the late Dr. Norman Vincent Peale.

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